Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joe [not the plumber]Biden

I heard a lot of B.S. and rhetoric come out of Joe's mouth[when his foot wasn't in it]during the campaign, and found it hard to believe that a so called educated and [suppose to be] intelligent man, could be so damn stupid!

Joe!, can you explain to me just exactly what you meant today while celebrating your inauguration, by " its time to take America back"? Explain to me Joe, like I am a six year old, so that I will fully understand what you meant.Tell me exactly, where do you want to take America back to?

Did you mean you want to take us back to the beginnings of our freedoms and liberties, or to the days before 9-11?Which is it Joe, back to the first Continental Congress,or back to the times before the death of thousands American citizens?

C'mon Joe, isn't time for you, and so many others like you,showed some respect and thanked President Bush for watching out for all of us, including you and your cronies? If you think that George W. Bush did nothing ,and you have nothing to thank him for, Then I say to you ,you truly do not deserve the position you've been chosen for,and I charge you for imitating,and pretending to be a patriot! From my heart and soul, may God have mercy on your soul, because I sure wont!I hold you in contempt too.