Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Its so nice to live in America again!"by Ashley Judd

Assley Judd!- Do you see what I mean about these celebs? Every time they open their mouths, nothing but political crap falls from their pretty little lips. Entertainers folks!,that's all they are.Why can't they just do what we pay them to do? Entertain us!C'mon Assley,what we require of you isn't any different than all those Hollywood executives expectations of you. Just stand there, and look pretty, and and recite a few lines!, how hard can that be?Hell!I don't mind looking at you,and I think that you're a pretty good actress to boot!

Did you know that the rest of us out here in this big old world of ours get up in the morning and go to work, and put up with whatever the old world throws our way, and do our jobs whether we like it or not. Just so we can make enough money to pay our taxes, or buy school supplies, or put food on the table, or if we are lucky be able to buy a ticket to a movie or go to a play, or go see a concert.Do you know how much we long for these extra abilities [privileges] in our lives? I don't expect you to relate, but I do expect you to entertain! So please keep your political opinions and positions to yourself.

We the people, use all of you so called artisans to escape those everyday realities that you seem to throw back into our faces unwarranted. Even if its only for only a couple of hours a week, or in most cases a couple hours a month. What I don't understand is, why is it, you entertainers, or so called artisans think you can speak for, or share the thoughts and feelings of so many of us who merely just want to be entertained and get our moneys worth. Its not like you do anything real important any how, except help us escape reality for those few precious hours that we buy.[pay for]

Do you see where I'm coming from?Its not like we're asleep out here in fan land, nor are we all as stupid, and unaware as you might think. I do know how many of your kind think, and I'm very aware of your impressions of us, because I too worked in Hollywood. Out on location baby sitting so many of you clueless souls and paying very close attention to you all, and literately watched some of you metamorphosed into your newly found ideologies, from some pretty solid foundations, which were based on some pretty good fundamentals!, God and country!What a dog-gone shame......

How hard it must have been for you to leave behind such solid principals and venture into your new Godless world. So please save your crap and selfish pretension for your next movie and concentrate on getting your lines right and stay in character.

Meanwhile in the real world we are important, like being nurses or doctors, or construction worker, or social worker ,or truck driver,ditch-digger,farmer,cowboy,cowgirl,electrician, plumber,grip, camera operator,a greens keeper, secretary, asphalt plant operator,pipe-fitters,concrete worker, carpenter, steel worker, welder, factory assembly line worker, chauffeur driver, baby sitter, nanny, school teacher,ect.ect.ect. Did it ever occur to you that if we wanted your political rhetoric or your anti American opinions,well hell!we can call on our deceptive appointed officials for that B.S., plus, not have to pay for it!

I'll just simply say, boycott anything Ashley Judd!. She sat in on a pro choice[ real name pro death] conference and watched a slide show,with inserts which included some slides of President Bush and other Conservative republicans, and all boo-ed, when Bush appeared,and then Ass-ley made her comment "Its so nice to live in America again". Assley!! what were you thinking? Was the last eight years all that bad for you? Weren't you able to shoot your movies without any fear of being attacked by some Islamic Nazi bastard who would just a soon kill you than look at your pretty little unveiled face!!

Do you not know where your freedoms and safety,and liberties stem from? Are you really so dense, or so far Leftis[blind], that you don't see or understand about the privileges provided to us by a few good people who really do care about you and all of us when it comes to these freedoms and liberties?

DO you guys out there remember the boycott regarding The Dixie Chicks, and the many millions of dollars they lost by spouting off their big-ass mouth's, and trying to shove their ideologies down our throats instead of their art? I say to all of you who truly are concerned about the direction in which this country seems to be headed ,it is now time to boycott anything Ashley Judd!!!!!!!!Not for her stand on abortion rights, or her liberal Left ways![Thank God, George W Bush, Homeland Security, and all our Troops, and a bunch others who were on duty in the real world while she was making millions in her pretend world!] but, for ripping us off from our hard earned money and the time we took from our lives to invest in hers.Ashley!,I hold you in contempt too!

Oh!-by the way Ashley, isn't your husband from another country? In fact, What do you think of the country he hails from,and would you consider living there?Because,I don't your future looks very bright here.I guess bright goes with the territory.

Mean while, back at the -s. Do yourself a favor Ashley! get out of the grey, and stop making right, wrong,and wrong, right,and good luck on your trip back. All that smog in California has a tendency to fog one's senses of fair judgement.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joe [not the plumber]Biden

I heard a lot of B.S. and rhetoric come out of Joe's mouth[when his foot wasn't in it]during the campaign, and found it hard to believe that a so called educated and [suppose to be] intelligent man, could be so damn stupid!

Joe!, can you explain to me just exactly what you meant today while celebrating your inauguration, by " its time to take America back"? Explain to me Joe, like I am a six year old, so that I will fully understand what you meant.Tell me exactly, where do you want to take America back to?

Did you mean you want to take us back to the beginnings of our freedoms and liberties, or to the days before 9-11?Which is it Joe, back to the first Continental Congress,or back to the times before the death of thousands American citizens?

C'mon Joe, isn't time for you, and so many others like you,showed some respect and thanked President Bush for watching out for all of us, including you and your cronies? If you think that George W. Bush did nothing ,and you have nothing to thank him for, Then I say to you ,you truly do not deserve the position you've been chosen for,and I charge you for imitating,and pretending to be a patriot! From my heart and soul, may God have mercy on your soul, because I sure wont!I hold you in contempt too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Is this fella involved in your kids education?

Where is Bill Ayers?I heard he was not allowed to cross over into Canada today. Oh where-Oh where could he be,red rover? I'm somewhat surprised that he would try to leave the country the day before the cornation of the new king.There should be plenty'o'flags around tommorow for him to walk on!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Thats Where They Dwell"

I've spent so much time working on my site that I almost forgot that we are nearing the end of President Bush's administration.Its like I got lost in trying to be heard,to be noticed, not paying enough attention to where we are headed.

I created my site to share my feelings and thoughts regarding this old country of ours. Even as I try to write this now, I still find it hard to believe that we the people have turned it over to a new group of people, that I know in my heart, are not right for the welfare of this old girl [The USA][at least not the kind of welfare I'm referring to]Kind a like hiring babysitter that you need to turn the hidden camera on]

There is way to much corruption,greed, hate and immorality from the left side,so how can they ever be trusted?I'm way old enough to remember when the old democrats where God fearing people and they could at least work together with the right. Hell! it didn't make much difference as long as they had God in their hearts.I don't know what happened,or when it happened, I just know they have taken God out of the equation therefore making it impossible for the two party system to ever work again!

Now is the time for every American to be totally honest with oneself,and dig deep down inside and see the truth. The truth as I see it isn't very pretty! Now, I won't try and pretend to know it all, but what I do know is,the most important things I tried to instill in my kids were, always be honest, [because the truth will always set you free] the healing process can't happen until the truth has been established. Learn to discern from your heart,therefore you will always be able to speak from the heart, be humble about that. Stand firm in your convictions based on these elements.Project honesty-demand honesty.Other words teach yourself how not to lie to oneself.

STOP!living in the grey and keep it simple. Everything really is black and white!,Right or Wrong!,Positive or Negative, Good or Bad, so don't screw it up by not knowing the difference! Follow your heart and the word of God and you won't have to worry about the liberals and the A.C.L.U. screwing it up for you. That's where they dwell,in the grey area, its another world, a world that does not work here on earth.That's the only way anyone can justify Immorality! they have to live in the grey!.Hear what I'm saying to you,because I know,I came from there, and I'm telling you this from my Heart!

In ending, from the bottom of my heart,I would now like to thank George W. Bush my Commander & Chief for doing his best to take care of us all [including the ungrateful bleeding heart crybabies, liberal passivises, spineless bastards, socialistic pigs,] that have to lie,steal, cheat, twist, manipulate,spin in order to achieve anything -[America's main stream media]-I hold them in contempt!!![that's how it works in the grey zone]and all of you out there know who they are,and so do they,because you really can't lie standing in front of mirror!So!Thank you Mr. President, and God bless you and your family.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

impeach Harry Reid!!!!!

Asshole of the new year: All the senators,that don't know their own written laws pertaining the seating of Roland Burris. Thank you![idiots]You ----ing idiot Harry Reid! How in hell did you ever get elected in the first place, and who in hell do you think you are,God? Talking about miscarriage of justice, you certainly take the cake there! Way to go Nevada I hope you're all happy with your choice there. Blago isn't the only one deserving of impeachment.Good luck America! we are going to need it.