Thursday, March 19, 2009


TEA PARTY TIME!.. and bring your rope.How much longer are we going to sit back and allow our government continue to make asses out of all of us? Boy! how many times do I, and others need to say...Wake the ---k up America!..Look around and see where we're headed before it's to late!!!! What a mockery of leadership, and representation!

Folks, I can't blame these idiots in office for our mistakes, the people voted them into office in the first place.Take responsibility for your actions and do the right thing. Admit to the mistakes and fix the GD mess!

How many times do we need to be reminded of where we come from, and how we got here? God! I can't believe what the other side is doing to make sure we wont remember... and how they have strategically implemented there plans and diversions to confuse, and spin the truths about their agenda.

I wrote in an earlier article about the importance of stopping,or slowing down long enough to smell the roses, and be able to ask yourself WHY!.. JUST ASK YOURSELF WHY..for example... why is the president still on the campaign trail?... why does the president need to go on the Jay Leno show when the country is going to hell in a hand basket? Why hasn't anyone asked about his plan to form a civilian force up to 125000 people strong during his campaign,and why hasn't there been any talk about it since then?

People, is this administration doing the right thing for the country, or are they working only on strengthening a party? Why, during an economic crisis would they be spending so much time campaigning while spending so much money and creating all the smoke screens to divert our attention?

Why is Washington in a fast forward gear, and what are the main reasons for a hurry-up Congress?What the hell is going on here?Why do we need to rush through all these bills that are only going to bankrupt us now, and future generations to come?People wake up and do the right thing. Just pay attention to what is being said.