Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Why do these Conservative women Like Michelle Bauchman, Sara Palin, feel compelled to go on any NBC produced show in the first place? I tell ya, if you don't have any more sense than this , well, you should get the F out of politics! First rule of war, is to always know your enemy and their tactics... You felled my Michelle, and shame on any good Conserative still watching NBC... I called for a boycott against that station 2 years ago because of Jeff Imelt... WTF! I try to stay out , and off the beaten trail these days while still remaining vigilant. But, its hard not to call the stupid ones out. your truly , Yeah.
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    • Robert Inge A warning to any other Right, or Conservative, or Libertarian thinking canidate... I don't care how cute Jimmy Fallon is, he the enemy to you... You know NBC is!!!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sleepers... regarding the NBC lack of interest in God! in the Pledge!!!!!

 I can't believe that you people are suprised by this when infact, if you go back to the NASCAR race one or two weeks after the 9-11 when NBC was airing that race did the a similar thing that I thought was worse than this, by having a song sung and written by CAT Stevens,as one of their opening numbers to one of the great American races( and I know that the redneck boys of Nascar didn't catch this) because they were to busy counting there cash,,, they missed it, and its intent completely ( or not)... A proclaim enemy to the USA at that time along with his radical muslem brotherhood... I challenge any of you to go back and see what i'm refering to.... I dare you ... you sleepers of, the sleeeping Giant!!!!!

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