Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just recently, UAW union president Ron Gettelfinger angrily lashed out at the National Right to Work Foundation during a nationally televised press conference on the automotive crisis.

He is steaming mad the union bosses have not been able to get their hands on our contributor list, and he hinted that he will ask now his political cronies to help him.

It's absolutely critical you read the briefing below right away.

Dear Robert:

You and I face a crisis.

Union lawyers have served National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation attorneys with papers indicating they will seek a court order to obtain the names and addresses of our financial supporters -- with the ultimate goal to shut us down.

I expect a federal court subpoena to land on my desk at any time.

There's no time to spare. I need your help immediately.

You see, the union bosses are on the attack right now, having elected a union partisan as President and strong forced unionism majorities in Congress...

...and now they want blood from anyone who opposed them -- and in their minds we are Public Enemy #1.

So the union bosses are turning their sights on their longtime nemesis, the National Right to Work Foundation.

They're enraged by the progress we've made in defending rank-and-file workers from forced unionism abuses. When they move to grab more coercive power or trample on more workers, your Foundation's legal team stands in the breach.

They want the Foundation wiped out -- or at least pinned to the mat by crushing and costly defensive battles -- so that they have a clear path to ram through their agenda unopposed.

That's why the union bosses are dusting off a tactic that Big Labor used for 13 years to try to put us out of business.

From 1973 to 1986, twelve international unions and the giant AFL-CIO tried to force us to hand over the Foundation's supporter list so they could harass and try to drive away those who made our vital program possible.

In fact, Reed Larson, who was then the Foundation's president, was almost thrown in jail twice by a federal judge for violating court orders to breach the confidentiality of Foundation supporters. And I promise you this -- I am ready to do the same.

But that suit cost the Foundation hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. And now, the union bosses have indicated they intend to demand the same thing again from another federal judge.

Let me explain.

A group of non-union orchestra musicians who have been continuously bullied by an AFL-CIO affiliate in the entertainment business recently approached the Foundation for legal aid.

In a nutshell, the union bosses in Hollywood have been on the warpath to destroy the careers of any musician who doesn't join the union and pay full union dues. Incredibly, they've even threatened arrests.

So Foundation attorneys filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Southern California seeking injunctions against -- and monetary damages from -- the union. The union lawyers' response just arrived.

They claim the musicians' lawsuit is illegal, alleging that "interested employers have financed this litigation by providing support or financing to the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation..."

It's only a matter of time before I will be served with a union discovery subpoena demanding our contributor list in an attempt to prove this claim.

This is a bombshell. If the union bosses somehow prevail on this claim, it could shut down our entire legal aid program -- or at least divert Foundation attorneys into costly defensive legal battles whenever they go to court for union-abused employees.

You know we're going to fight the union bosses' demand for names of contributors with every resource I can muster. We cannot let them succeed with this tactic. But union lawyers have war chests of forced dues to spend. They think they can bleed us dry.

The last time they tried this attack, the union lawyers finally admitted they wanted to send the contributor list to local union chiefs all over the country. They wanted to make "discreet inquiries" about the contributors in their areas. You know what that means.

The Foundation's support comes from all kinds of people -- union members, small business folks, and others. Many of them would be subjected to vicious retaliation if the union bosses could just get their names.

Blacklisting, beatings, bombings, and arson are just a few of the tactics union "enforcers" use against anyone who steps out of line.

So you can see why I'm never going to give an inch in protecting the privacy of our supporters.

But the costs of this fight can be enormous -- and consume all our resources while thousands of employees are left to the mercy of union brass.

That's why I'm establishing a Union Attack Emergency Fund to defend ourselves against union boss attacks on the Foundation and its supporters -- and to keep our entire program going strong.

Frankly, as serious as this already is, I believe this is only the first salvo in a coordinated, multi-pronged war on the Foundation to be waged by Big Labor and the new Obama administration.

In fact, I expect that the union-boss-controlled U.S. Department of Labor will soon bear down on your Foundation, misusing tools in the Landrum-Griffin Act.

And, while we have always been extremely careful about following all tax rules, I fear the Obama IRS may turn our organization upside down with an intrusive audit intended to revoke our advantageous tax status in the future.

We must brace ourselves for an onslaught of attacks.

But, if we don't have the funds to defend ourselves and our critical program against the union bosses' outrageous attack on our constitutional rights, we will be able neither to stop their forced unionism power grabs nor defend the rights of the thousands of employees who depend on the Foundation for help.

That's why I need your help to establish this Union Attack Emergency Fund now. If everyone helps out, we will reach my initial goal of $400,000.

Please contribute $200 if you can. I know that may seem like a large amount but I estimate that this and related attacks could drain hundreds of thousands of dollars away from our successful program -- and at the worst possible time.

Or, at least, I hope you'll give $100 or $50. Please don't delay. Click here to donate now.

The Foundation's existence could hang in the balance, and it's urgent that I hear from you immediately. I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you.


Mark Mix

P.S. The union bosses have revived the tactics of the old AFL-CIO multi-union lawsuit to force the Foundation to hand over its supporter list.

Using this legal tactic, combined with looming regulatory attacks by the Obama administration, the union bosses intend to put your Foundation on the defensive so they can ram through their forced unionism agenda -- and even shut us down for good.

That's why it's vital that I receive your tax-deductible contribution to the Union Attack Emergency Fund today. I am counting on you to keep our program going strong.

Please click here to contribute to the Union Attack Emergency Fund now.