Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Do Your Damn Job

After reviewing the so called stimulus package offered up by the house, and reading the condense version that was churned in the Senate, I had to ask my self, what kind of cow are these boys and girls milking here? Holy $#@&*!!then I realized, hell! no wonder the butter looked so funny, they ain't milking a cow, they're stuffin Pork!I'm here to tell ya, when you get in the habit of feeding that pig with to much corn, well you better not be standing behind it when you're done.That s$#@* may look a little like butter,but I guarantee its not.

Folks you better wake the hell up!Its pretty obvious now whats going on. I'm not going to beat around the bush here, and I'll be as pragmatic as I can be. How in hell can these Reps and Senators have time to hear their constituents,with their noses stuck up some pig farmers ass [lobbyist's]

Call it it what you want, cause it really does make no difference, IT'S PORK! with or without the EARMARK!.... There is stuff in this stimulus that has absolutely nothing to do with stimulating this defunct economy. Now I realize that most of you probably already know this, because you listen to,or watch FOX news,and you have heard those good folks fine opinions regarding the subject. But, what I didn't realize until today was, after watching them interview Senator John Testor from my great state of Montana, I had to ask myself, God! I wonder how many others signed off on this without reading the Damn Bill! He look like a big old Montana mule deer caught in the headlights when asked about the medical regulating pork that dictates how doctors and nurses will be federally regulated on how to practice medicine.

I will send John a big old fat letter tomorrow concerning this.Oh not for his partisan vote without even reading the bill,but for spending so much time in private chambers with his leftist friends. What in hell were they doing in there, and why weren't the Repubs invited in? Aren't these bills suppose to debated and hashed out in an open forum? Shame on you John Testor, And I had hope for you too,being that you were the only one from Montana to vote against the Bank Bailouts. Did you know what you were doing then, or were you just winging it then too?

Well America, I want to apologize to all out there for my Senator not doing the job his constituents elected him to do,and I promise I will make it up to you all when the times comes again, him begging for votes.

Now, all of you need to know whether or not your elected officials read the damn bill or not!!!!! Good Luck America