Thursday, February 26, 2009


After reading a few blogs today I came to the realization that there are a few of you out there feeling the blues, and are starting to sing a different song than sung before.

Expressing one's views and opinions shouldn't be so difficult if they are heart felt. These are in fact your true beliefs, but yet we all know how hard it can be to express them. To be able take a stand,or to be willing to fight for these beliefs is a show of strength,and maybe you haven't had to take these measures before.

These certainly are excruciating times, and call for equal measures to endure the emotions that come with the territory, therefore, we all need to dig down deep and muster up the strength needed in order to fight the battles ahead.These beliefs come from your convictions, based on all that soul searching that you have done, thus giving you a stance on a solid platform that is only as strong as those beliefs... YOUR FOUNDATION!Stay true to one's self.

While building your foundations you probably noticed changes going on within, some emotional changes, overwhelming sensations of peace and anger.Maybe you didn't know how to manifest these new found feelings and kept them to yourself. Then, you realized there was a strong need to say something, to be heard,so you slowly emerge from your cocoon, that had all of the comforts and securities needed until now. Now you find yourself right dab in the middle of some new found philosophy or ideology that just really feels right, like your favorite pair of boots or hat.

Hey Folks!... this is scary shit! and I know its tough, but we really need to stick together! tightly!!!I'm a big old cowboy from Montana and I'm not afraid of anything,except for having any of my new found brothers and sisters giving up and throwing in the towel. I know that won't happen, because we all believe! So, for all of you crybabies out there who can't seem to get the whole picture, well maybe you need to reevaluate your ideological belief and do some more soul searching, but please don't interfere with what we are doing. Don't take away from our time, while seeking pity for yourselves now that the burden seems a little overwhelming. If you really feel a need to whine, then I suggest you go join up with the GLOBAL WHINERS and stay out of the way of our important agendas.

I thank God everyday that our founding fathers, and mothers, didn't give up... especially so easily. We have a saying here in Montana..."Cowboy Up." I was blessed with five daughters[two by blood and three step]so I say to them, "Cowgirl Up." I really mean Blessed too!

What we are doing, collectively, in this world of blogging is as important as the actions our forefathers took, and for the same reasons whether its going forward with, or reestablishing the same principals they believed in. It's not easy folks, and no one said that it would ever be. Remember, the train that you are getting on, is your train!and you're not alone.Never in the history of this country, was anything ever accomplished [for all the right reasons that is]without a collective effort.

Our efforts that we involve ourselves in, through our little super highways of communication[our pc] certainly give us an unlimited resource advantage over our founding fathers and mothers.With their blood, and our technologies we will prevail again!

We all need to understand the importance of,and the responsibilities involved by taking a stand. We must know where we base them, and what these principals are based on.If you don't know,well maybe you better wait for the next train, or until you know in your heart [100%] that you are ready to lay your life on the line for real CHANGE! Good Luck, and God Bless you all...also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESSA... I LOVE YOU!