Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Thats Where They Dwell"

I've spent so much time working on my site that I almost forgot that we are nearing the end of President Bush's administration.Its like I got lost in trying to be heard,to be noticed, not paying enough attention to where we are headed.

I created my site to share my feelings and thoughts regarding this old country of ours. Even as I try to write this now, I still find it hard to believe that we the people have turned it over to a new group of people, that I know in my heart, are not right for the welfare of this old girl [The USA][at least not the kind of welfare I'm referring to]Kind a like hiring babysitter that you need to turn the hidden camera on]

There is way to much corruption,greed, hate and immorality from the left side,so how can they ever be trusted?I'm way old enough to remember when the old democrats where God fearing people and they could at least work together with the right. Hell! it didn't make much difference as long as they had God in their hearts.I don't know what happened,or when it happened, I just know they have taken God out of the equation therefore making it impossible for the two party system to ever work again!

Now is the time for every American to be totally honest with oneself,and dig deep down inside and see the truth. The truth as I see it isn't very pretty! Now, I won't try and pretend to know it all, but what I do know is,the most important things I tried to instill in my kids were, always be honest, [because the truth will always set you free] the healing process can't happen until the truth has been established. Learn to discern from your heart,therefore you will always be able to speak from the heart, be humble about that. Stand firm in your convictions based on these elements.Project honesty-demand honesty.Other words teach yourself how not to lie to oneself.

STOP!living in the grey and keep it simple. Everything really is black and white!,Right or Wrong!,Positive or Negative, Good or Bad, so don't screw it up by not knowing the difference! Follow your heart and the word of God and you won't have to worry about the liberals and the A.C.L.U. screwing it up for you. That's where they dwell,in the grey area, its another world, a world that does not work here on earth.That's the only way anyone can justify Immorality! they have to live in the grey!.Hear what I'm saying to you,because I know,I came from there, and I'm telling you this from my Heart!

In ending, from the bottom of my heart,I would now like to thank George W. Bush my Commander & Chief for doing his best to take care of us all [including the ungrateful bleeding heart crybabies, liberal passivises, spineless bastards, socialistic pigs,] that have to lie,steal, cheat, twist, manipulate,spin in order to achieve anything -[America's main stream media]-I hold them in contempt!!![that's how it works in the grey zone]and all of you out there know who they are,and so do they,because you really can't lie standing in front of mirror!So!Thank you Mr. President, and God bless you and your family.

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