Monday, June 8, 2009

"it's all about Al"

Here we have one of the biggest crooks in the USSA! Not only did he go around the Country during his campaigning for president telling children around Montana and other rural areas of America, that if he won the election that he and his people would send all agriculture productions to 3rd world countries in order to relieve over producing in this country.He was telling this to young Future Farmers, and 4-hrs,who come from family farms and ranches that have been in their families for generations dating back to the 1870's in some cases.

DO YOU HEAR what I'm saying!!!!!Wake the FUCK up!!!

Since then, this fucker has gone around the world making millions and millions [over 100 million] in his pocket targeting the youth of this Country, to brain wash them by telling them shit like "Don't pay any mind to what your parents say, they don't get it any more" All of you out there are responsible for this Bastard getting away with this. He has been doing this since he was vice president, and do I need to count the years for you ... you fucking idiots!

What he is doing,is worse than what Obama is doing... hell , all he's doing is bankrupting them, that fucking Gore is personally Mind Fucking them!!! and getting rich doing it. This should be a Capital Crime!

How long do you think he would have lasted with his plan back pre Revolution days? Turning family against one another. It was the strength of the family, their faith, and love for God that made this The greatest country on earth,and were our freedom and liberties stem from!!!!!I swear to Christ someone needs to stop this shit from ever happening again, and the buck stops here!

All of us need to stop him.To stop him, and others like him, now! All of the physical evidence of what I say is true. So demand action before he has your kids drinking the Kool-Aid too! like the American- Korean sisters doing the time he should be doing!

He is a Liar... a thief...and a PINKO COMMIE...AND NONE OF THIS IS ABOUT GREEN ENERGY!!!! It's about him, and his greed... Hell! he'll probably screw the Party out of their share...He has no scruples,or loyalties to anyone, it's all about Al!

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Anonymous said...

The other day, I went with a friend to the apple store and when she asked for a printed receipt the clerk said "Al Gore is on the board so we don't have paper receipts". I threw up a little in my mouth.

Al Gore is a selling point...ugh - not that idea of no paper receipt is bad, in today's technological world that's the way it should be done. But don't give Gore credit...he is the leading abuser of home energy use in his county. But I guess the paperless receipt counts as carbon offset for him.